**Busy busy!**

Such a busy couple of months that there has barely been time to do anything fun! However the little hobby time I squeezed in has gone to good use.聽Today I got my hands on Sanada Yukimura from the Hyakka Ryoran range (Samurai Girls). Also I have added two more cabinets to my Detolf collection! With the weather being so good these last few weeks, I sense an outdoor figure shoot ^^

As regular readers will probably know, it has been a very bad year collection wise, so many of my orders have been cancelled or delayed by what was my primary supplier (US-based). It has been the source of much anguish especially with no email or forum responses. Of the last 5 orders i have made, 2 were cancelled, 1 shipped and the last two delayed (probably to cancel point). It is a real shame as I had been shopping with them for around 2 years but the lack of reliability is a killer especially with rarity items. I have since moved to Japanese direct sellers, which although costs me more (tax/duties) I am at least 99% sure to get the item I want at a decent speed.

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**Figure Orders**

Another day another figure! I wish I was that rich 馃槢 With the cancellation of my Orchid Seed: Seena Kanon order, I decided to have a look at other potential figures I had missed out. On my wish list was a figure from Hyper Nurse; listed as Limited Edition. I did not realise that Hyper Nurse had other characters in the range and it was through pure curiosity that I decided to investigate. What I discovered is that the figure I had “wished” was one of two variants, green hair and white hair (the original 2009).

I decided to track down this figure and buy it, according to the EMS it is currently in customs which is never a good thing; but based on the Exclusive release of this figure I don’t mind paying that little extra. Now I did get this figure on a whim and risk through ebay, from a seller I have never dealt with before…fingers crossed what gets delivered to my door is the real deal.

Also this morning arrived my Great Unclean One from Forge World, I only got a quick peek at the kit but what I saw impressed me, I feel a painting frenzy coming on!

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Reinforcements will be arriving this week from Forge World. The Great Unclean One is a fantastic multi piece resin model,while not very tall has a lot of (bloated) mass. This figure does not actually appear in any of my lists but it is such an impressive piece that I need to have it in the collection, lets just hope I can do a good enough paint job to show it’s best attributes off.

Continuing the Nurgle theme, I decided to get the figures below, they are meant to be for the Nurgle cultist army but for me I think they will look great milling around as random figures on the Great Unclean Ones base. It should also give a sense of how big the Greater Daemon is by having such small and insignificant creatures around it.

Today has been a little slow on the modeling front as I have spent most of the evening sorting through old stock that I need to shift over the next few months. It is amazing the types of things a person accumulates over time.

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**Pre Orders!!**

Nothing like a Pre-order to make my morning that little better! First up is Shunya Yamashita’s third art book with the working title “One Voice”. I was very impressed with “Wild Flowers” so as soon as I caught wind of this item I went ahead and ordered.

Sources indicate a late July release in Japan, with the book retailing at just under 3000yen from most online vendors. This item will go very well with the latest item to arrive on my doorstep this week ^^

The second item on my Pre-Order list is Kurumi Imari from Bible Black, police inspector version. There are two versions being release but I am sticking to the regular one as the authentic outfit colours. One thing that is immediately noticeable (other than her pantsu!) is the cool chair accessory, there are shades of Shunya’s “Mirei-san” and it seems the combination of sexy work uniforms and seductive poses around a executive chair…sells.

This figure is 1/8 scale and is being released by Miyabi-ya/Arclight and is set for a late June release, around the same time as Hyakka Ryoran’s Senhime ; so those who were not tempted by the lovely Samurai girl may be seduced by Imari this summer; Imari’s initial cost seems to be around the 8,000yen mark with discounts.

So my order list this year swelled a little but also makes up for the cancellations inflicted on me by ToysLogic.com! A silly number of boxes arrived this week from overseas, including my new Dakimakura cover and Red Stone Lancer figure (yay!). With a Bank Holiday this week, I will endeavour to get some new photos up for readers to view.



Some progress on the Death Guard project. Yesterday was Salute 2010 and I am happy to say that I achieved my primary goal of getting reinforcements for my growing Death Guard army, the event itself was really good and I was intending to write a review this evening but have found myself tired and settling with a sculpting update (progress is good!).

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I came across Aural Vampire by while checking out more K-Pop bands, I had never heard Asian electro goth before and my usual music tastes take me quite far away from that music spectrum, but quite frankly after hearing Aural Vampire It’s growing on me! Its eerie however how the singer looks like the perfect candidate for a Princess Ressurection live action movie haha

This track is called “Freeeze”, I would recommend people looking up “Darkwave surfer” also, it’s a great track in my opinion. Ah yes and on the plus side, I just check one of my lost packages: Mirai dakimakura cover (Danny Choo’s mascot) and it is in the warehouse awaiting charges. While getting charges is never a nice thing, the fact that it is in the country and not lost in volcanic ash is reassuring, onwards with the Anime merchandise!

Ah well, yet more cd’s to track down T_T enjoy the track.

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**Death Rising**

A extremely quiet week on the anime front! Due to the air restrictions (I think Hobbits are behind the recent volcanic activity!) my cd’s, dvds, art books and figures are all delayed, on the bright side does this mean next week will see a huge number of packages for me to open after work? On the negative side though, my supplier cancelled Seena Kanon by Orchid Seed, a very important figure for my collection. I am very angry at this, as I was on the pre-order list and paid months in advance but despite this my supplier has no answer as to why my pre-orders/payments seem to be of less importance than national customers. They have stated that Yoko Real will be shipped to me soon but the question is why did they wait 2 months after release and multiple emails from me, before actioning my order? I have stopped placing orders with this company now and will reveal the name of them if this supposed shipment has any unfortunate problems…Anyways on with the show!


I have to admit I am feeling unwell today, I have a rotten cold which has left me a snotty mess this afternoon. How fitting that as the primary hobby topic this week has been Nurgle God of sickness and plague!聽Since I got back from holiday (and thanks to the parcel delays) I have been spending my evenings working on miniature projects. Now finally after much carving and cutting I have some photos to share.

Typhus Herald of Nurgle is the latest figure to go under the knife, I took elements of the original figure: Manreaper scythe and helmet and combined it with a Obliterator body. There has been extensive modification to create the pose and lots of hours spent sculpting the rot and guts of this figure. All in all it has taken shape nicely over the last two weeks and I look forward to finishing and painting it.

I think I have managed to capture this character in all his majestic gooiness, so I am happy. As I type I am waiting for the left arm to dry and should at least make a start to sculpting the right arm this evening, all in all not bad progress for me! Tomorrow is Salute: a London Wargaming event where lots of independent miniature companies will be showing off their products, I have not been to this event in around 5 years so it will be nice to see some old faces and catch up. No entry for the painting competition this year as I decided to go pretty much yesterday haha! I expect to come home with some reasonable model making loot to play with.

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*Oh I also found some really old photos of figure commission work I did, the photos are poor but it is always nice to have more photos in the gallery!*