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hakufu-grab-kanuIn typical fashion I have been M.I.A with updates. On the plus side though I have a whole load of new photos which I will be editing after this post. The last month saw a huge arrival of random figures including quite a few Queen’s Blade figures from Excellent model and a beautiful figure of Uesugi Kenshin. Fingers crossed I can take full advantage of today’s awesome weather and get the huge back log of photo shoots done over the remains of this weekend.

With all these new figures I have run out of Detolf space, meaning I have had to use the old bok shelves for figure storage again. With this in mind I am planning a new Detolf purchase (around 2-3 cabinets at the same time) and should be installing the light system which I mentioned last month.

So many toys too little time.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the weather :-3



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hakufu-grab-kanuWhat a busy couple of weeks! Lots of work issues, a touch of flu (normal) and a host of random purchases all thrown into the mix has made the early portion of May busier then it should really be. Lots of goodies are expected this week including Airi from Queen’s Blade, Demonbane Metatron and a lovely figure from the Sengoku Lance line.


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