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hakufu-grab-kanuOk I made my pre-order for her today but I have been waiting for her for what seems ages! Queen’s Blade Risty by Excellent model easily the most anticipated figure since the release of the Queen’s Blade Anime. From  the outlook of the concept pictures, the wait has been worth it with the release date set for December I expect pre-orders to go fast not only because its Queen’s Blade by Excellent Model but also purely because Risty is such a cool character design.

Risty_1 (more…)


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hakufu-grab-kanuHi guys…a relatively small haul for the end of July and with so much “extra” time on my hands you would expect more photos of my existing figure collection right? (whoops!). July saw the arrival finally of two anticipated figures that had constantly been pushed back in release by my supplier. But with this shipment out of the way my eyes are focusing towards what is looking like a very saturated September release schedule (hope my Credit Card can cope!).

Also as a result of the fairly light July of deliveries I have started a new Blog for the miniature wargame “Warmachine” I used to be a very big fan of the game and have only just gotten back into it after escaping the World of Warcraft (3 weeks and clean!). So now that I have gone cold turkey from my digital crack, I can finally can re-addicted to copious amounts of metal and plastic lol. For my readers who are interested in Warmachine, please visit my new Blog “Red Metal Panic”

Right with out further delay here are the figures


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