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A complete blast from the past! Inu Yasha, all 167 episodes and movies. I just could not pass up getting hold of these DVDs. Now of course with all the Anime stuff to watch this will probably mean that by the time I get back from my holiday I will have box eyes.

as regular readers will probably know, my viewing diet has gone up loads and it is all pretty much thanks to Playtech Asia but with 12 discs of pure Inu Yasha to get through of the tv series alone I think my viewing thirst will be sated for a while 😛

Inuyasha Complete TV Series: Complete Box Set (DVD) Inuyasha Movie Collection 4-in-1: Complete Box Set (DVD)

One thing to remember about Playtech DVDs, is that almost all of them are region 0! which means you can play them on any DVD player. All technical specifications are on the product page.

Happy viewing and thanks for reading



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Wow what happened last week! No time, no internet the worst possible combo haha. February was an extremely fast paced month for the DiStudios blog on average I was probably popping out two Anime posts a day, the nice thing about the posts being that they were all very relevent to my collection… (more…)

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