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Such a busy couple of months that there has barely been time to do anything fun! However the little hobby time I squeezed in has gone to good use. Today I got my hands on Sanada Yukimura from the Hyakka Ryoran range (Samurai Girls). Also I have added two more cabinets to my Detolf collection! With the weather being so good these last few weeks, I sense an outdoor figure shoot ^^

As regular readers will probably know, it has been a very bad year collection wise, so many of my orders have been cancelled or delayed by what was my primary supplier (US-based). It has been the source of much anguish especially with no email or forum responses. Of the last 5 orders i have made, 2 were cancelled, 1 shipped and the last two delayed (probably to cancel point). It is a real shame as I had been shopping with them for around 2 years but the lack of reliability is a killer especially with rarity items. I have since moved to Japanese direct sellers, which although costs me more (tax/duties) I am at least 99% sure to get the item I want at a decent speed.

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