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Finally the greens for Soda Pop Miniatures “Kenobo Monk of Gomandi” have become available. Kenobo retains the consistent Anime sculpting style seen in earlier releases but is the first male, non humanoid character from the company. The basis of sculpt seems to be a Noh opera monk resplendent with ropes and prayer beads.

"Dynamic charging pose"



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Big update for this week as lots of different things from my many hobbies have/are scheduled to arrive today. Lots of these things were early pre-orders and others just random purchases such as the wargaming miniatures.

Arriving at last?...


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Experiment on behalf as I tap away my wordress iPhone app. Please forgive me if it looks aweful!

Firstly. Big thank you to everyone who have continued reading Distudios, 2009 was a odd year as this blog went silent for the better half of 4 months.

So what’s the plan for 2010? More pictures for starters! It’s time to put some of he equipment to good use and get more of the collection photographed and up on the galleries! Expect more reviews on random things such as books, cd, hopefully some convention coverage? and even my first dakimakura… Yes scary territory! And of course the usual pics and reviews of my personal purchase 🙂

See you all in 2010!


P.s ok this app is actually quite good who knows what random things will get posted in 2010!

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First figures to be completed in 2009. This was one of the last purchases I made before taking a break from model making 3 years ago, I was getting really tired of painting the Iron Fang Pikemen and was in desperate need of a change of figurative scenery, luckily on that day I had just got my Koldun lord in the post and this figure inspired me to look through and find my Ternion.

I went for very icy colours incorporating it both in the weapon and through various relics and icons, the snow effect is a bit of a test run for the whole army as I am moving away from the bi-carbanate soda technique as its far messy when put into storage. The overall effect will be finished once I get my basing supplies and will give the depth of deep falling snow.

Completed: 28/8/09

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Man O War Shock Troopers

Man O War Shock Troopers, probably the coolest unit release in all of the Prime book. These steam powered were a real joy to put together and a nice change from the endless and mundane power armour I had been painting prior. The models are very static but look great when displayed as a group, its even given me mad ideas of ordering more for a Irusk Man O War army…time will tell.

I would be interested to see how these look with my new paint scheme and depending on how I progress this may be the first of my original figures that I strip down and re-paint.

Completed: 25/1/04

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At the time I really liked this unit, it has a great story line and worked well with my list (Butcher of Khardov Prime version). However I fully admit to bodging this unit up. The colours were really off and the tattoos looked really bad. I am hoping to find a place for them again in future MKII games but that will depend purely on the people I play. I know my best mate will always want to see me use them as we both love to play themed games.

The intention is to base them on the Fenris artwork from Legends and Prime remix, with a slightly odd hue to the skin. Also the way in which I will paint the skin will be totally different and not so stark in contrast. What will most likely happen is that I will paint both the unit and Fenris together, quite possibly as part of a Privateer Press forum vow.

Completed: 2006


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A great figure and real joy to paint, I put a lot of time into painting the skin tones to get a heavily muscled look. I did struggle with the furs a little as I was still experimenting with what were very new Games Workshop colours at the time (Commando Khaki etc). Some how over time while in storage, the metal paint of the axes has started to disintegrate down to the primer, something I have not seen before in 21 years of painting. With the Manhunter variant in possession I intend to strip down this figure and paint the trio (including Yuri the Axe) in one go.

Completed: 2/5/04

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