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A extremely quiet week on the anime front! Due to the air restrictions (I think Hobbits are behind the recent volcanic activity!) my cd’s, dvds, art books and figures are all delayed, on the bright side does this mean next week will see a huge number of packages for me to open after work? On the negative side though, my supplier cancelled Seena Kanon by Orchid Seed, a very important figure for my collection. I am very angry at this, as I was on the pre-order list and paid months in advance but despite this my supplier has no answer as to why my pre-orders/payments seem to be of less importance than national customers. They have stated that Yoko Real will be shipped to me soon but the question is why did they wait 2 months after release and multiple emails from me, before actioning my order? I have stopped placing orders with this company now and will reveal the name of them if this supposed shipment has any unfortunate problems…Anyways on with the show!


I have to admit I am feeling unwell today, I have a rotten cold which has left me a snotty mess this afternoon. How fitting that as the primary hobby topic this week has been Nurgle God of sickness and plague! Since I got back from holiday (and thanks to the parcel delays) I have been spending my evenings working on miniature projects. Now finally after much carving and cutting I have some photos to share.

Typhus Herald of Nurgle is the latest figure to go under the knife, I took elements of the original figure: Manreaper scythe and helmet and combined it with a Obliterator body. There has been extensive modification to create the pose and lots of hours spent sculpting the rot and guts of this figure. All in all it has taken shape nicely over the last two weeks and I look forward to finishing and painting it.

I think I have managed to capture this character in all his majestic gooiness, so I am happy. As I type I am waiting for the left arm to dry and should at least make a start to sculpting the right arm this evening, all in all not bad progress for me! Tomorrow is Salute: a London Wargaming event where lots of independent miniature companies will be showing off their products, I have not been to this event in around 5 years so it will be nice to see some old faces and catch up. No entry for the painting competition this year as I decided to go pretty much yesterday haha! I expect to come home with some reasonable model making loot to play with.

Thanks for reading


*Oh I also found some really old photos of figure commission work I did, the photos are poor but it is always nice to have more photos in the gallery!*


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