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Some progress on the Death Guard project. Yesterday was Salute 2010 and I am happy to say that I achieved my primary goal of getting reinforcements for my growing Death Guard army, the event itself was really good and I was intending to write a review this evening but have found myself tired and settling with a sculpting update (progress is good!).



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hakufu-grab-kanuHi everyone! Lots of random bits from the month of June. The UK heatwave was a joy and bane at the same time, while I was able to take advantage of the sunshine and get lots of photos done at the same time I was knocked out by the heat after work! Although I have loads of photos that should be posted, the problem I have had is date stamps. I used a digi camera I was unfamiliar with as my own was on loan. Luckily for me my old laptop with the full Adobe package has been fixed so I can go ahead and learn how to clone over offending yellow numbers.4  New figures are due for the first half of July including the much anticipated Asagi Taimanin figure by Liquid (which had been pushed back almost 3-4 months) and Mizore from Rosario Vampire!

Also added today are pictures from my Pre-Heresy model making project, I have a few photos of Warhammer 40k Space Marines from the Dark Angels chapter and some tanks. For those who don’t know, DiStudios used to be my old painting commissions site before I moved to WordPress and although I don’t paint to sell anymore I do dabble in a bit of painting here and there to help me relax.

Thanks for taking the time to look and until next time


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