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Reinforcements will be arriving this week from Forge World. The Great Unclean One is a fantastic multi piece resin model,while not very tall has a lot of (bloated) mass. This figure does not actually appear in any of my lists but it is such an impressive piece that I need to have it in the collection, lets just hope I can do a good enough paint job to show it’s best attributes off.

Continuing the Nurgle theme, I decided to get the figures below, they are meant to be for the Nurgle cultist army but for me I think they will look great milling around as random figures on the Great Unclean Ones base. It should also give a sense of how big the Greater Daemon is by having such small and insignificant creatures around it.

Today has been a little slow on the modeling front as I have spent most of the evening sorting through old stock that I need to shift over the next few months. It is amazing the types of things a person accumulates over time.

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