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I came across Aural Vampire by while checking out more K-Pop bands, I had never heard Asian electro goth before and my usual music tastes take me quite far away from that music spectrum, but quite frankly after hearing Aural Vampire It’s growing on me! Its eerie however how the singer looks like the perfect candidate for a Princess Ressurection live action movie haha

This track is called “Freeeze”, I would recommend people looking up “Darkwave surfer” also, it’s a great track in my opinion. Ah yes and on the plus side, I just check one of my lost packages: Mirai dakimakura cover (Danny Choo’s mascot) and it is in the warehouse awaiting charges. While getting charges is never a nice thing, the fact that it is in the country and not lost in volcanic ash is reassuring, onwards with the Anime merchandise!

Ah well, yet more cd’s to track down T_T enjoy the track.

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