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Another day another figure! I wish I was that rich 😛 With the cancellation of my Orchid Seed: Seena Kanon order, I decided to have a look at other potential figures I had missed out. On my wish list was a figure from Hyper Nurse; listed as Limited Edition. I did not realise that Hyper Nurse had other characters in the range and it was through pure curiosity that I decided to investigate. What I discovered is that the figure I had “wished” was one of two variants, green hair and white hair (the original 2009).

I decided to track down this figure and buy it, according to the EMS it is currently in customs which is never a good thing; but based on the Exclusive release of this figure I don’t mind paying that little extra. Now I did get this figure on a whim and risk through ebay, from a seller I have never dealt with before…fingers crossed what gets delivered to my door is the real deal.

Also this morning arrived my Great Unclean One from Forge World, I only got a quick peek at the kit but what I saw impressed me, I feel a painting frenzy coming on!

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