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Nothing like a Pre-order to make my morning that little better! First up is Shunya Yamashita’s third art book with the working title “One Voice”. I was very impressed with “Wild Flowers” so as soon as I caught wind of this item I went ahead and ordered.

Sources indicate a late July release in Japan, with the book retailing at just under 3000yen from most online vendors. This item will go very well with the latest item to arrive on my doorstep this week ^^

The second item on my Pre-Order list is Kurumi Imari from Bible Black, police inspector version. There are two versions being release but I am sticking to the regular one as the authentic outfit colours. One thing that is immediately noticeable (other than her pantsu!) is the cool chair accessory, there are shades of Shunya’s “Mirei-san” and it seems the combination of sexy work uniforms and seductive poses around a executive chair…sells.

This figure is 1/8 scale and is being released by Miyabi-ya/Arclight and is set for a late June release, around the same time as Hyakka Ryoran’s Senhime ; so those who were not tempted by the lovely Samurai girl may be seduced by Imari this summer; Imari’s initial cost seems to be around the 8,000yen mark with discounts.

So my order list this year swelled a little but also makes up for the cancellations inflicted on me by ToysLogic.com! A silly number of boxes arrived this week from overseas, including my new Dakimakura cover and Red Stone Lancer figure (yay!). With a Bank Holiday this week, I will endeavour to get some new photos up for readers to view.




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A belated Merry Christmas to all! I hope everyone got what they wanted this year.

Order updates:

It seems my local supplier is still having continued issues with orders as Yagyu Jubei is slated to January 20th 2010. Considering that this figure was ordered many months ago, I am pretty unimpressed. As I have mentioned before, they seem to have combined the order with Queen’s Blade Listy and as a result have delayed both items (despite the fact I have paid for separate shipping). My supplier has seemed to ignore this issue in every email sent/replied…

I really hope that I don’t find myself in another situation where the supplier cancels my pre-order, the last refund for a canceled item took over a month and a half. Its saddening as this is the first problem I have had with my supplier in what has been 2 years of business and although I don’t spend as much as overs, I do spend close to the $500 mark each month…add on the fact that I have to pay for International shipping, makes for few toys with a big bill.

So will I get Listy and Yagyu despite placing my pre-order when they first came out? Time will tell. The only thing that is for sure is that I am going to have to start looking around for a new supplier. To add to the issue, I have 2 more orders stuck in the processing phase which are now listed as SOLD OUT. This delay in processing (3 weeks since I placed the order) will probably mean I will be missing out on the lovely Yoko Real and Orchid Seed Seena Kannon.

Despite the problems I will try to remain optimistic.

I have started work on the Elfen Lied tribute page and am working on a little promo video which will be great in helping me learn more about my Macbook. Am really looking forward to next year, I will be posting my 2009 collection shots to show people how much its grown over the last two years and perhaps sharing some of my first attempts at drawing Manga (its been a very very long time since I tried putting pencil to paper!).

Thanks for reading


**Just got a notification, Yoko Real Version has now been pushed back to 29th January 2010 😦 **

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